Saturday, August 29, 2015

My yearly post. Alternatively titled: In Defense of Granny panties and double knit

So, upon looking at my 'recent' blog posts, it seems like I'm close to an annual post. And the last 2 both say I'm going to try harder to post. Ha! motherhood defeats my best intentions sometimes.

So, let's just jump in and see what I can get done.

A few weeks ago (i've been thinking of this post for awhile...) I was woefully behind on my laundry (but the kids had clothes, and the diapers were clean, so there's that) and the last pair of panties I had in my drawer was a pair of satin/poly granny panties. I thought what the hell, it matched my hairy pits and legs and my worn out bra. OMG ya'll, they were so nice!! soft and silky and not binding at all, and they didn't crawl up my hoochie or bunch up under my belly overhang!! My loving husband just shook his head when i crawled into bed that night. I made it a point to do a load of grownup laundry so I had some normal underwear, but I told my husband to watch out. once or twice a month, I would be sporting the granny panties.

I have been looking for wear-around-the-house easy-to-wear shorts/pants for home. something that if I need to run the the store for something quick it won't look like I've spent the (last several) day(s) in the same pair of pajama pants. I have the cotton weave shorts from several sizes ago, and the sort of fit, but I can't call them exactly comfortable. Then I happened upon a pair of double knit shorts. Not fashionable at all, 1 pair in neutral brown, 1 navy blue. So soft, big pockets, easy to wash, stains come out, don't stretch when the kids hang on them. I love them. I wish I had 3 or 4 more pair.

In the past I have been accused of dressing like an old lady. And, admittedly, I tend toward old-lady comfort above binding, tight, short, uncomfortable fashionable. (Especially in the shoe department. I haven't worn heals in years. Even my wedding shoes were cowboy boots.) So the fact that I'm now officially middle aged makes me very happy. I can finally quit pretending that I like dressing like I'm still in my 20s. Guess what? I'M NOT! I'm 40, and I totally get to dress that way without having to justify that, to myself or to anyone else.

Hello, 40! Pleased to meet you!