Saturday, August 31, 2013

Verdict: A cold

So, the bad mood resolved into a cold. First Nathan, then daddy, and then me. Fun fun.

However, now he's much better but still waking up at night for a bottle. We had this under control. He was sleeping through the night. I told MSJ that starting Sunday night was it, we're getting the sleeping thing back under control. We're all happier when we sleep all night long.

I had a nice shopping trip to Goodwill yesterday. I got 1 shorts, 2 exercise/yoga pants, and 1 jeans. And Nathan a few little toys. We are looking for some of the good infant toys, stacking and minor puzzles and such. I need to go to some garage sales and see what I can find.

hm. Not much going on. MSJ is at a bar watching the MMA fights, Nathan is asleep, I'm tired. It's 9PM. I think I'm going to go to bed now. Or at least go lay in bed and read.

Boy, this is definitely not one of my more interesting posts. It sort of reads like I feel.

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