Thursday, August 8, 2013

Say Yes to the Dress

I've been watching a lot of SYTTD lately, and I have a question:

Do you suppose there are women watching this show, and see someone else try on their dress, and then the person proceeds to tell the world how ugly this dress is and how horrible it looks and how no one should EVER wear it? How many women get their feelings hurt? How many women would even notice that it was their dress? Would you be hurt enough to not watch the show anymore?

Also, I should quit watching that show, because it makes me second guess my wedding dress...from 3 YEARS AGO! Like, maybe I should have looked longer? I liked it, but initially was looking for something far different. Not that it matters, because it was 3 YEARS AGO.

1 comment:

NGS said...

I always figured that if someone dissed my dress on the show, it would be because we were different body types. Not that I spent 10K on my dress, so it's not like that was ever a possibility for me!!