Thursday, August 8, 2013

oh boy!

Well, after only 1 month, we are pregnant again. yes, we will have an 18mo and a newborn. Oh MY! What were we thinking!? MSJ was worried it would take us several months, so we should start maybe a little earlier than I would have, so when I came up pregnant after 1 month he was a little shocked. I wasn't. I told him it would only take a month or 2, we're both pretty fertile people. It's a shame we're stopping at 2, we could probably have easily had 4 kids.

I'm both worried and excited. How am I going to do 2 children under 2? with the first one I at least had a chance to nap when Nathan did, but with 2 that won't be quite so easy. I'm still not confident with 1!

But then, I know couples who would give anything to have my problem, to get pregnant a little too easily. I know women who would love to have to worry about taking care of 2 babies, or even 1 baby.

As I have said for several years now, Show me the path, Lord, and I will walk it. MSJ wants me to modify it to Show me the easy path, Lord, but I told him it didn't work like that. The path is rarely just easy. But so far, by following His path, I have found peace and joy. Not always easy, but things seem to work out better.

Show me the path, Lord, and I will walk it. I believe Lord, forgive my unbelief.

PS: if you know me IRL, we're not sharing this news publicly, so be discreet! Not that anyone is reading this blog anymore. Ah well.

EDIT: Wow, amazed to have 2 comments! People like me! :)


ste said...

I know someone who ended up with kids 13 months apart and when I told her I thought that would have been so hard, so she looked at me like "Ah, it was what I got and it was fine." Congratulations! I still remember reading one of your posts so long ago where you said maybe finding someone wasn't going to happen, and then a few years later, you're now married and pregnant with baby #2! Life is fun.

Just Another Pastor's Wife said...

Sometimes it makes my heart hurt how good I have it right now. Matthew is a great husband and dad, and I'm so glad I waited for him!