Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy Days

I've been helping my dad clean out the house. It needed it before mom died, and it really needs it now. We've been doing this for probably 3 months now, I go up 1 day a week and we pick a room/project and do what we can to complete it. We're done with the upstairs. All of mom's clothes, all of her fabric and craft stuff, most of the old clothes in the other bedroom closet.

My brother has come over to try to help, but he get's so frustrated with dad. Dad wants to look at everything, pass his eye over it, and make sure he knows what he's throwing/giving away. And I'm a recycler, if I think someone else will use it I will make the effort to try to give it to someone else. My brother just wants to throw it ALL away. He and dad don't work well together on this project.

To be fair, my brother and dad don't work well together, at all. Under any circumstances. But that's another post.

Anyway, I went to dad's today. If my brother's family is coming over, I'll take nathan with me so they can visit with him. If they're not going to be there I usually try to find someone to watch him while I'm working. Last night I couldn't find a sitter, so MSJ volunteered to stay home with him. It was very helpful, so I agreed. When I got home MSJ said something to the effect of 'He's a really busy guy, you have to watch him the whole time. And he's fast, too! Not I know why sometimes you don't get anything done during the day!'

I just smiled and agreed. Yep, he's a busy little guy alright. That's why sometimes when I'm in the kitchen cooking I just put him in his exer-saucer-bouncy-thing and take him with me. He's good for 30 or so minutes, and I can get another 30 minutes if I keep giving him stuff to eat, puffs and yogurt drops and stuff like that. It's usually time for either a nap or dad to come home at that point, so most of the time it works out ok.

It was only about a month ago that he became mobile, and now he's pulling up on stuff. He can't stand yet, but he's trying very hard. Sometimes he'll get pulled up on something, he'll get distracted and then let go and try to walk. Then he falls, sometimes sideways, sometimes back, only once so far face first. He gets very upset when he falls, I don't think it hurts him, but it definitely scares him. It only scares me a little bit.

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