Monday, November 19, 2012

Lots of stuff, and not really that much stuff.

I had 2 baby showers, one was given by the ladies of the church, and then I had a slightly more fun one given by 2 friends. 

The first one was very plain,  we had angel food cake with strawberries, fruit and cheese trays, I opened gifts, held them up and everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed, and then we we all went home. I had several people tell me how nice a shower it was. (this is me smiling and shaking my head). The invitation even said no kids. It was just older ladies. no games, no sillies. Lots of gifts! it took about 1 1/2 hours to open them all.

The second shower was thrown by my friends. There were kids, there was pin the sperm on the egg, there was who can drink the juice out of a bottle fastest (the 7yo won that competition), there was a fruit baby, a small watermelon cut into the shape of a basket with a melon-baby with grape eyes and a pacifier. Only a handful of ladies, but much more fun! 

These 2 events left me with lots of gifts, all of them in bags. So I had MSJ put all of the gifts into our extra bedroom. except that Dad is coming tonight to help MSJ finish the floor, and he needed a place to sleep. So all weekend I've been sorting through all of the gifts. A little at a time.

My stamina is shot to hell, so doing laundry is too much for me, and MSJ is so busy with so much that it's too much. There's a lady at church who really wants to help, so I kept a few things for us to wash here, sort of sentimental items, and the rest, a full laundry basket and a medium-ish box, full of clothes, towels, washclothes, burp clothes, and blankets, to this lady so that she can wash them all. That way at least when little man comes we have clothes for him to wear.

MSJ also went yesterday and bought the pack and play with the bassinet, so little man also has a place to sleep.

It seems like a LOT of stuff, but really, it's not that much stuff. It looks like a lot of clothes, but really, it's not very much. 

Man, I hope we're ready for this.

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