Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello, a small rant, and then 2 stories

So, lately every day I've had something I could blog about, but I seem to have lost the discipline I used to have about this blog. I have decent things to write about, but I'm having a hard time sitting down and writing them.

This is my complaint about the country, and even the developed world right now. No Discipline. We do the easy thing. Congress passes short-term transportation band-aids instead of sitting down and doing the hard work of coming up with a bi-partisan, practical, budget friendly bill. Families are eating fast food because it's easier than finding recipes, making a list, going shopping, cooking meals, and then eating the left-overs. We just put things on our credit cards instead of saving money for a project and then not overspending on said project. It's too easy to do the easy thing right now. And there's no incentive to do the hard thing, the financially smart thing, the morally correct thing.  The Right thing.

Ok, off the soapbox.

In funny stuff, yesterday my husband was mowing the yard and brushed past the joint where the city water connects into the house. And Snapped the pipe off clean. Yes, my husband broke our water yesterday. With his mom and grandparents arriving on Wednesday. He thought he fixed it, but when he turned the water back on the pipe into the house hadn't just snapped, it had cracked. Too far into the wall to be fixable from the outside. So the plumber came in this morning and put in a whole new joint (is that the right word??). Yay! I told him, several hours later when he had regained part of his sense of humor, that I was really glad that it was him and not me! He would have never, ever let me forget it. He laughed, and agreed.

Along that same vein, I noticed on saturday at 3:30pm (the vet closed at 3) that Howler had an open sore on his belly between his back legs. So this morning I had to take him to the vet. $300 later, he has a puncture wound, but they didn't do an x-ray (which is ok, those are expensive!) so they aren't 100% positive it didn't puncture the abdominal wall. They put a drain in and we'll let it heal as an open wound, and we'll hope for the best. He's on heavy antibiotics, an e-collar to keep him from messing with the drain line, and house-bound for several weeks. In the summer. With the in-laws coming. Yay!

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