Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I don't understand

Ok, I confess. I don't get it.

I started this job in October 31st.

I was originally going to be trained by a collaborative group at the Large city University. They have a decent animal facility, but not the space or personnel to do what they wanted to do. Everyone was very excited to have me join the 2 labs.

I was helping K for a couple of weeks, but one friday at group meeting she informed me that she was too busy to train me. I was a bit taken aback, since I thought that was the plan, but I honored her wishes. I went to my supervisor at the university, explained the situation, and asked if I should do anything else. He said no. I offered my help to another person at the university, still in the groups, peripherally involved in my project area, but close enough that if he wanted help I could have helped. He said he didn't need any help right now, but he'd let me know. That was in December.

So I came back to the Hospital. My supervisor here talked to my supervisor there, and it was agreed that I helped with the project here in the hospital. I was excited! They're doing some cool experiments. I got to help once or twice with the animals, and then I was sort of gradually phased out.

It was then decided that I be moved to ANOTHER PI. But he doesn't have any protocols in place to work with animals. So I wrote and submitted an animal protocol. I submitted it at the beginning of March, it should be approved at the end of march.

I've offered my help to several people, doing different things. Everyone says thanks, but they don't need help right now, but they'd let me know if they did.

I don't get it. I don't think I'm being a know-it-all, or arrogant, or pushy or bitchy. I'm not offensive, I don't have a body odor issue, I chew gum so I don't have bad breath. I'm trying not to be offended, but I don't know how else to take this. My Co-worker, who subtly phased me out of helping with her animal experiments, is going to be gone for a few days to a conference. She's leaving 2 other people to do an experiment that could probably use an additional set of hands. So I went to Alex and told him that if he and Jenny needed help, to let me know and I would be glad to help. He told me of course, they would come get me when they went into the animal facility. But I could tell by the expression on his face that he had no intention of including me on this.

I DON'T GET IT!! I have lots of experience. I can help. I can even help by just helping with moving cages. I want to help. I'm bored to death of Facebook, email, and blogs. I've resorted to reading FARK obsessively, so that I can pass the weekly friday news quiz. I even do the jumble each day in the online version of our local paper. It's seriously making me doubt my abilities in the lab. Maybe Dr. C was right, that I wouldn't be able to compete in a lab that is as active and results-oriented as this one is.

I don't understand.

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