Monday, February 20, 2012

Another one Bites the Dust!

Holy crap, I didn't know it had been that long!

So, last week, on Valentines Day, I was rear-ended on the freeway on my way to work (I had 3 meetings that day!!) and totaled my car. The other guy is at fault, admitted to the police it was his fault. His insurance is give me a hard time, dragging their feet on paying me out.

Turns out, my husband is not a patient car shopper. We went looking on Saturday, and came home with a new car. I had no intention of buying a car. I was looking at 3 or 4 kinds, and I wanted to test drive and see how I felt about it. We started at Carmax. Tried some cars, but they were either too new (expensive), too old, or too many miles. Or just too dirty, one was so stained! And one of the cars had definitely been a smokers car.

So went to a dealership, I saw the Honda Element, which hadn't been on my list of cars to look at but I did like, and my husband got slightly railroaded into buying the car. It was a good deal, it was a 2005 with the sticker price at 14,000, we got it for 11,225, and I got us a 3% interest rate.

Plus the settlement we'll get off of the Subaru, we should get it paid off in 18 months. If I really don't like it, we can trade it in then.

And I wasn't hurt in the accident, so that was a blessing. He took out my back end and right rear quarter panel, but he bent the frame so I don't think they can salvage it.

Technically, this is the 5th car I've totaled, but I've really only totaled 4, one of them was repaired rather than totaled out. I'm death on cars. I hope this new one is as sturdy ad my 2 Subaru's. They just didn't have an affordable one in the area.

I sure hope I like this car.

Every time I get a new car, I always say that the next car will be really cool, with all of the electronic features, and a sun roof, I've always wanted a sunroof. I've said that 4 times now. Still don't have that. Oh well, Next Time I'm Totally Getting A Really Cool Car!!


ste said...

So glad you're unharmed! When I traded my Honda Civic in for our Rav4 I had tears in my eyes. I want to get back into a Honda eventually. I hope you like your Element!

NGS said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt!! I am amazed that you went looking and came home with a new car in one day. My husband and I debated for the better part of a month. We're awesome like that. We bought a Hyundai Elantra and quite like it. Good luck with your Element!