Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things that make you go hmmmm

I have a conundrum.

I would like to post a p o s t...Can you post a post? Maybe I would like to make a post? write a post? yes, that's it.

I would like to write a post, but it involves someone I know who reads this blog (No, not you!). There is a good potential for hurt feelings, and stupid Google Blogger won't let me password protect a single post...stupid Blogger.

And, the reason I would like to post it is to get a little feedback, maybe get some help with an awkward and sensitive subject. I have 1 opinion, to just write the post and not post it...darn it there I went again...just write it and not post it? Ok, I'll go with that.

Now, you might be thinking, as my Dear MSJ was, why do I let so many of my IRL friends read this blog?? Well, it's because it doesn't dawn on you maybe a couple of years down the road you might need to write something potentially hurtful. I guess, now, I do know that, and I haven't added any new readers IRL in several years.

I might consider letting you read it privately via email if you ask, but not for general viewing, so if I don't let you please don't take it personally. It's me, not you. I'm trying to do the right thing here.


ste said...

A difficult situation indeed. That's why I had to switch awhile back. One friend in particular kept indirectly attacking me and I couldn't take it anymore. I needed the freedom to let just let it all out without the fear of being told I'm an asshole. I hope you find some freedom and I'd love to be a wall to bounce things off of, if you're comfortable with that.

NGS said...

Have you ever considered a blog share where people post anonymously on each other's blogs? -R- at And You Know What Else occasionally hosts them. I'm sure there are others, as well. It's kind of nice because you can get some feedback from readers who don't know you! Obviously, if this is time sensitive, you might not have the time for it!!

Just Another Pastor's Wife said...

Thanks NGS, I hadn't thought of using one of those forums. I've read them, I just hadn't thought I'd need it. That's a good idea.

rockle said...

when i have to do stuff like that, i write myself an email, and then ... email it to myself. which i guess is what you're supposed to do with emails: email them. or whatever.

ANYWAY. it helps to just get the stuff written down and out of your head and into the ether.

(and i hope it's not about me, but if it is: whatever i did, I am terribly, terribly sorry! xoxo.)

Just Another Pastor's Wife said...

No, rockle, this is a little closer to home.

Jolly Johnstons said...

It's a tough situation. I always find it helpful to use B as a sounding board, then write what I'm feeling, even if never to be read by anyone else - like the others have suggested. Another thing I'm learning to do is speak directly with the person(s) concerned non-confrontationally, after I've had a chance to process the situation. I know you're a lot like me and shy away from conflict, but I've found that it leads less hurt feelings and more chance for resolution than if the "offender" discovers through other channels that you were upset with them and didn't come to them. (Case in point: B's entire side of the family and a few friends). Anyway, just thought I'd offer my two cents. And like Rockle, I really hope it's not something I did, either. But I'm sorry if I did anything to upset you.