Friday, December 23, 2011


*Spoiler Alert*

This is probably a TMI post. But I haven't had a personal one of those in awhile. I thought it was time again.

So, Today is 6 weeks from the D&C. We are cleared for sex. And I am feeling much better than I did at 3 weeks, now I'm actually interested in sex. I hadn't been for awhile. Poor MSJ.

But, that also means I haven't been doing any personal upkeep either. My legs are pretty scary. Even by my standards, and I let them go for a couple of weeks sometimes. At this point it's been 6 weeks since I paid any attention to my hairy regions. So I made an appointment for this afternoon to have a half leg, under arm, and bikini line wax this afternoon.  Merry Christmas Honey!!


ste said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I think my hubby is hoping Santa will bring me my 'interest' back this year.

rockle said...

oh man. i shaved my legs on christmas eve and i think it was the first time since, like, labor day. it was HORRIFYING. i felt like a sasquatch. (which is funny, because right up until the moment i decided to shave, i felt PERFECTLY FINE about it.)