Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Walking contradictions...

So, I'm a little better today.  A previous co-worker of mine is pregnant, 1 week ahead of me. Last night we had a girls night out, pedicures and dinner, and I had a beer...because I could (it actually didn't taste that great, but by God I had ordered it and I WAS going to drink it), and she was there.  I initially wasn't sure how I would handle it, but I did ok. I asked them to please not ask questions, that I would talk about it over time, but that right now it's still a pretty open wound and I didn't want to cry last night. Except for 1 question they honored it, so it was ok, and I have pretty toes again.

My new job is going well. Yesterday I helped my lab-mate, Jean, do an animal procedure. It was interesting. She did a tail vein injection, which I've never done, and since this was an important experiment I didn't try it, but I'll have to try that when I get my access to the animal room. It didn't seem hard, just sort of tricky. Plus, one more thing to add to my CV. Thursday I have a meeting with my other boss at the other institution. My job is to sort of bring the 2 labs together at the Large Hospital (LH) where work. It should be an interesting meeting, I'm a little apprehensive about the meeting, but I'm looking forward to it, too. I'm just a walking mass of contradictions lately.

It's also funny, at the last lab the temperature was regularly 71 to F-72.5 degrees and most of the time I was fine. I didn't even wear a jacket half the time. But here, it's 72.3 degrees, and it feels like it's in the 60's. I have my long-sleeved button front on, and I'm STILL chilly. I know, I know, but there's a reason I live where I do. I like hot weather, I'm still comfortable at 90 degrees.

On a sad note again (walking contradiction), I couldn't let the baby pass without something tangible to remember it, so I decided, and MSJ didn't mind, that even though it was too small to tell, that it was girl, and we've (mostly me) have decided to call her Hope. So, even though I didn't get to carry her for very long, she's still my Hope.

Let the tears begin anew...

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