Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Should I stay or should i go??

Exciting Day!

Yesterday I was offered the position at the Large City Medical Center.  It's for a pretty large hospital system.  I asked for information about the benefits, and oh my gosh!  I didn't realize I had it as good as I do.

The new job you have to pay your own health insurance premium.  Seriously?  You're a HOSPITAL!  Second, they only give 1 day for Christmas.  at my current job I get the WEEK between Christmas and New Year's off, in addition to 7 other holidays during the year.  New job only gets 8! That's it!  Current job offers Sick leave (8 hours/month) and Vacation (currently I'm at 11h/mo) separately.  New job, only 10 hours of PTO/month.  WHAT? I'm losing 8h/mo in sick time!  And parking, let's not talk about parking!

So, it seems like my significant raise will disappear in the face of expensive new benefits. Now I'm torn. Is it worth the loss of benefits, plus the cost of commuting? How badly do I not want to do my job? What if I'm jumping out of the pan and into the fire??

Quick, someone! Tell me what to do!!


rockle said...

it's a tough call, but if you think you'll like the job better, you might want to go for it. it sucks when you lose vacation and sick time, but if you actually want to go to work, it might be worth it. (i am no help at all, sorry.)

NGS said...

Can you negotiate at all? My husband was able to negotiate a pay increase that was able to offset some moving expenses and some additional expenses of working at a new job (parking and health insurance in particular). It's worth a call to find out if it's a possibility...

Cynthia said...

Can you get insurance through your husband at a more discounted rate?

15 days/year is pretty typical for the employers I've worked for. (I've also never had a company differentiate between sick time and regular vacation. )

According to your other blog post, you don't like your current job. You've been there for 900 years, it's time for a change! Change is good! Don't let these silly details scare you off!