Monday, August 29, 2011

eh, screw it

I like this blog page, so I'm keeping it.

And, I have some funny things to post.

First of all, when you have an important meeting, and said meeting is 45 minutes away in the summer, and you stop at Sonic to get a drink, make sure that the drink is not fluorescent blue, because then your tongue and teeth will also turn blue, and you will spend several minutes in the bathroom using paper towels to try to get some of the blue off of your teeth and lips.

Second, when you have an important meeting and it is in a place you've never been before, double check the map compared to where you are parking, otherwise you will walk the wrong direction for 5 minutes in 100+ heat, then realize what you did, and have to walk BACK 5 minutes in 100+ heat, plus another 3 minute the other direction. You will be hot and sweaty and will need to spend an additional minute or two using paper towels to try to control the sweat pouring out of your body.

On a side note, I may be making a job change. They have contacted my references, and they seemed really interested, and the job looks pretty cool, so I hope to hear from them this week. I'm really excited about the possiblity of this new job.

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