Monday, May 16, 2011


Holy Crap! I didn't know it had been this long! Bad Blogger (slaps hand)

Well, in the past few months I've lost a brother/SIL/niece, gained a little more insight into my father, a close friendship is on the edge, I went to my first opera, almost paid off a wedding, and celebrated my 6 month Wedding anniversary.

I've been busy.

Let's start with the list.

Since the new year, my SIL dove off the cliffs of sanity and took my brother and niece with her. My Bro and I are trying to patch things up, but it's not going well. He wants us to get to together to discuss all that's wrong with each other (I get the feeling it will be mostly him telling me all the things wrong with me, not the other way around) and how I've been a bad aunt, sister and SIL for the past 7 years. yeah. I'm looking forward to that one. NOT.

My relationship with Dad is better than it has been in years. He's still terribly lonely, and I do what I can, but in the meantime Dad and I are having actual conversations about life and religion and good stuff like that.

I told a close friend of mine that she's mean sometimes, which she is, but I said it at a bad time in a bad way and I'm not sure how to go about fixing the friendship. Because it's true. she can be mean. I can't say I'm sorry for what I said, but I am for how I said it. I told Matt last night this is the first time I've come to the end of what I'm willing to do for a friendship while I was still friends with the person.

Boy, that's a heck of a return blog.

I'll try for something lighter in a day or 2.

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