Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More wedding

As this is my blog and I write it, for now, Yes, it is all about me!

2 more wedding stories. I write these, keeping the following statement in mind: We had a great wedding. It went smoothly, the service was beautiful, the reception was fun, people danced and the cakes were beautiful and tasted great, the bbq was good, too. As far as weddings go, it was a good one.


1. Thank Heaven that Husband's SIL was there. There wasn't anyone to go get a mani/pedi with me on friday. It turned out that his SIL had intended to go get one before they flew down, but just didn't have time, so she was thrilled to get the chance to have it done before the wedding. But I must admit, if I had had to go by myself, I'd have been a little sad. Ok, well, probably not a little. I'd have been a LOT sad, and I probably would have cried. And I understand that one bridesmaid was sick, and another was working, and the third was flying in, but since Mom wasn't there to go with me, it would have very hard to do it alone.

2. No one decorated our car. Now, I didn't want it so decorated that it was undrivable, but no one wrote on the windows, or tied streamers, or anything. Even Husband was a little disappointed. Now, IRL friends, that DOES NOT mean that you should go decorate a car, because now it would just be an annoyance, and a kind of condescending one at that. But still.

Husband and I are going to go to Dad's for the night and then we'll go to Thanksgiving at the friend's house and leave from there on Thursday. Dad's church as a service on Thanksgiving Eve, and Dad said that Bro and SIL would probably be at church. I said, jokingly, that he shouldn't tell them that we're coming, and he said, not jokingly, No, he wouldn't do that.

The thing is, I really don't know why! I can see maybe the comment before the wedding, but now? I don't have a clue. And it makes me sad, and makes me cry. My niece isn't old enough to understand, she just knows Aunt SMurF hasn't been to her house to play with her in a long time.

(crap, SMurF doesn't work anymore. Now it's SMB. I don't know what to do!)

I don't know what to think. I don't think there's anything I can do. Family is supposed to be the place where you can go when life gets rough. I know that's not true for many people, but it's largely been true in our family, and it literally hurts me that there is the huge rift I'm glad that mom isn't here to see it, because it would have stressed her out terribly. Thank God for Husband. I don't know what I'd do if I had to handle this on my own.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I didn't even think about it until his mother mentioned it. Then RWA said you didn't want it decorated to the point you had locked it in your garage. I suck. Sorry.

I am also pissed off to hear that your brother and SIL still have yet to get their heads out of their collective asses. What a stunningly perfect example of selfish bitches they have become.


rockle said...

families can be really really awful, especially around the holidays and around weddings. so you're getting a double-whammy, unfortunately. but you know what? their loss. if they're being butts, that's their problem, because they are missing out on so much. the part that infuriates me is that they are denying your niece some really important bonding by being yutzes.

hope you have a great thanksgiving anyway. i like to think of thanksgiving as a combination of two things -- gratefulness, and HOPE. no matter what you have, you can always hope for something better, for yourself or someone else. i will be hoping for better things for you. you deserve it.


Scientific Lutheran said...

roni, you don't suck. we did lock away the car. It's more than half our fault, because I did make the statement. I'm having to learn to speak softer.

And Rockle, that made me tear up. You're right, there is always hope.

Nikki said...

Man, Sheri. I'm glad you found someone to go get your nails done with, but if something like that comes up again for anything else, let me know! I'm always up for a pedicure!!

I'm sorry your family is being a bunch of poop heads. I know how that goes. We've never been the type to go to each other with our problems. That's what I have Travis for now! And you have Matthew. =D

I thought the wedding was beautiful. Congratulations again!

Nikki said...

PS - Nobody decorated our car after our wedding either. Eh.