Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy Cow!

There's been a lot happening!

1st: The wedding was great! The weather was Gorgeous! The dress looked good and I managed to eat bbq and not get anything on my dress, the cakes were awesome, the champagne tasted good, we danced well together, and we left on a high note. It was a very nice time. The service was really pretty, too. My niece did walk down the aisle with dad and I, she was a little nervous but did great. I did (or didn't?) do something, and my Bro and SIL stayed approximately 10 minutes into the reception. I doubted that they stayed at all, but I have a picture that they were there. The wedding party walked in to the Star Wars anthem, it was great. Everyone laughed, and that was the point, so it was good. At this point, I can honestly say that I am glad that I had a wedding. That's partly because we left AT 3pm. Before we got tired and cranky and things began to annoy us.

2nd: The honeymoon was fun, we went on a cruise to Key West Florida, Freeport Bahamas, and Nassau Bahamas. We went Kayaking in Key West, Snorkeling in Freeport and shopping in Nassau. I had never been snorkeling, and the short 5 minutes of instruction that they gave didn't give me much confidence in my ability to snorkle, but I tried and it wasn't as hard as it looked. We saw a BIG Manta Ray about 10 feet below us, probably 4-5ft wing span. Husband swore that he could hear the parrot fish nibbling on the coral, but I think he was wishful hearing. In Nassau I didn't buy much, there wasn't anything that I really couldn't live without. I did do some gambling, the slots didn't pay off this time and I lost all of my money fast. I entered a Slot Machine Tournament and got 3rd place, I wasn't too far from 1st, but close doesn't count in slots. I did get motion sick on friday. It made for a crappy friday night, but when we woke up saturday morning it was better, and I felt better, so saturday was an OK day after all. I still find myself swaying occasionally.

3rd: Before we left, his dog, Cleo, was sick. She'd been sick for awhile, an ear infection, and then it looked like it was the nerve around her ear canal that was inflamed (this apparently is common in Boxers). She was on steriods and antibiotics when we left for the honeymoon. His secretary took care of Cleo while we were gone, and over that week, cleo got worse. Monday Husband took Cleo to the vet, where she told him that it was probably a tumor behind Cleo's ear in her head that was causing the inflamed ear, and it was making eating and drinking hard, too. So Tuesday we had to put Cleo to sleep. It was time, her head was hanging low and she wasn't wagging her tail, she looked like she was very sick, which she was. It was so hard. We buried her on the church grounds, he had her up at the church all of the time, she was very much a church dog. Plus, that way he didn't have to worry about someone redoing his yard later and accidently digging her up. It was pretty crappy, we waited to let the cats into the main part of the house until Cleo was gone, it felt like I was trying to replace the dog with the cats. [And, btw, Howler likes Husband better than me!]

4th: So, for our honeymoon we spent 24 hours a day together for 7 days, and we didn't have a fight! Go us! So far, we've been married 2 weeks, and we haven't had a fight yet. Go us! Only 30+ years to go! However, I'm not totally moved in yet, and it's making me a little bonkers, so we might not be all that far from our first serious argument. My bathroom, kitchen and most of my clothes have been moved. I still have all of the paper and stuff in my china hutch, and all of the stuff in my 'office'. Most of what's left I need to go through and decide what I want to keep and what I want to toss. Husband can't really help me with that. I guess.

We're doing Thanksgiving at a family friend's house. If all of their family shows up there will be close to 35 people there. That's good, when Bro and SIL decided to be asses, they can leave and it won't have to be a scene. Whereas, if it was at Dad's, there would only be the 6 of us, and when Bro and SIL decided to leave, it would turn into something ugly. Plus, dad doesn't have to worry about cooking all of that on his own. He doesn't work well with anyone else in the kitchen.

I have some other wedding stories, I'll try post them as I go.


rockle said...

Key West is AWESOME. Hope you had a great time. I am jealous because I could DESPERATELY use a vacation.

Have a great Thanksgiving! I'll be in and out with pictures of the kids. And there is a picture of my haircut scheduled for tomorrow if I don't chicken out.


SUEB0B said...

The wedding and honeymoon sound great. I'm glad you had so much fun.