Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trivia Friday...on Saturday... oops!

Which is where this week's trivia comes in: these questions (which are, once again, not trivia questions, but more of an informal survey) are all about stuff that I have done, would do, or would like to do around Halloween and Halloween parties. Standard trivia rules apply. One point per question, 30 points total. How may of my answers do you think you can match?

Three not-especially-scary Halloween-ish movies: Garfield Halloween, Charlie Brown Halloween, and Simpson's TreeHouse of Terror, I-XXI

Three scary / horror / Halloween movies: Friday the 13th, the original Scream, Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Three songs that you might hear on the radio around Halloween: Monster Mash...are there other halloween songs?

Three things that you might do at a Halloween party besides eat candy and watch movies: bob for apples, carve pumpkin, and water balloon toss (we were in the South, it was still warm!)

Three kinds of candy that come "fun-sized" at Halloween: snickers, baby ruth, Mounds

Three kinds of candy that you would always give away when you got it in your treat bag: malted balls, licorice, oranges

Three Halloween costumes that you have worn in the last 15 years: Elmo (not a sexy one), little black cat (sexy), Always-a-Brides-Maid-Never-A-Bride
Three writers known for scary stories: Stephen King, Micheal Chriton?, Clive Barker

Three actors or actresses that you associate with horror or monster movies:

Three decorations besides pumpkins that you see around Halloween:Ghosts, skeletons, I just saw a Mickey Mouse with a Trick-or-Treat bag, does that count?

Oh My GOsh!! 25 out of 30!! I never get that many!

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rockle said...

We have six answers in common. Whoo hoo!