Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I think I like this

Hey Mom,

I forgot to tell you, we're having the Church Bridal Shower on Sunday, both churches were invited. This past Sunday we were invited to a member's house for a Domino's night. Well, it turned into a mini-surprise-shower. We got lots of nice bakeware, a huge really nice skillet, a neat appetizer bowl, and all of the food that was in them. If the shower is anything like that, we'll have more stuff than we can use in 5 years! But, I'm looking forward to the cake and punch and friends at the shower.

A Lady in Matt's church is so excited that she's going to write up an article and send it in with lots of pictures for the Lutheran Witness. Something about a Pastor Get's Married, or some such sentimental goofy thing. I internally rolled my eyes, but told her if she wanted to she could. So then she decided that the local paper should do a piece, too. Matt brought the idea to me, and I said I didn't think so, but he had to ask so he wouldn't have to lie to her. She had already called the newspaper. So when Matt said no, we'd pass, the reporter asked if he could do the piece from a different perspective, that we're doing this marriage thing the 'Right Way', as in not moving in together, friends first then dating, inexpensive wedding, that sort of thing. I agreed tentatively. I'd like to talk to the reporter before I agree to anything. I also asked Matt if it was absolutely necessary that they use my name. He laughed and said yes.

Today is Dad's Birthday. I called him this morning, Bro and SIL are taking him out to dinner. That should be a blast for him. I tried to get him to meet Matt and I down in this area tomorrow evening, but he didn't want to.

Tonight is my cake tasting. Yippee, I love cake!

Lots of Love

I like this format. I'm getting stuff out of my head and onto the screen and that's making me a bit more sane. Which, I totally need right now. It's all stuff I would have told mom, and since I can't directly tell her, this is a decent alternative. Not great, but better than any of my ideas so far.

Let me know if you like it.

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