Monday, September 13, 2010


I got a bug on Friday and totally started cleaning my house. That hasn't happened a lot lately, so I went with it, and instead of going to the gym I cleaned the house. I got to the kitchen and living/dining, but I still need to hit my bedroom and the bathroom.

Then Saturday I got another bug and mowed my yard. Voluntarily. Without having to bargain and wheedle with myself. I got most of it done, my Godson's birthday was on Saturday afternoon and I had to stop so that I could clean up in time.

Then on Sunday, Fiance and I did our Wedding registry.

First we went to JC Penny's. I wanted to register at Sephora, but I thought that might be in bad taste to register for makeup! Then we went to Target. Then we thought we would go to Lowe's.

Did you know that Lowe's doesn't do wedding registry's anymore? Home Depot does, but it's totally old school, they gave us some forms and told us to write down the SKU's. We did it, but we didnt' put much stuff on it, we'd already had a pretty long day so we only found a few things we liked.

We picked a large range of things. We didn't manage to get table linens or china/flatware. We couldn't find one we both agreed on, so we decided we'd just have to pick that stuff on our own.

We started at Penny's at 2pm, we left Home Depot at 7pm. We walked for 5 hours. My feet were so sore and tired. I even had good shoes on, but they still felt bruised. They're still a little sore today, but not as bad as last night.

I had a slight breakdown on saturday night, though. We were talking about moving in together, and I had a flash of a conversation that I didn't get to have with mom. About moving in with a husband and trying to make it work, and what do you do when he irritates the CRAP out of you, but you hate to tell him because you don't want to A) Sound like a raving bitch, and B) don't want to hurt his feelings? And what happens if you really don't live together well? Those thoughts came in a flash, and I started crying, and Fiance asked what was wrong and I couldn't even articulate why I was crying. It sucked.

So, on the balance, it was an OK weekend. Good stuff, but a pretty bad moment or two, too.

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