Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epicurean Event

Has anyone ever been to a Taste of ______, Epicurean event?

Fiance and I went to one on Monday night. We had so much fun! There were about 20 wine tables, and just about a table of every other kind of liquor. The tequila was especially tasty.

They had Sushi (smoked salmon, and cooked shrimp, but still good), Italian, Mexican, Seafood, American, Vietnamese (mmm noodles), BBQ, Cajun, and fried everything. There was even an herbal store table with yummy herbal tea.

I found 2 new restaurants in town that I need to try now.

And then there were the dessert tables. Oh my gosh, the dessert. there were 3 tables that were just bakery items. If I had known the range of desserts I wouldn't have eaten any of the real food.

We were so stuffed, and half buzzed when we left, so I called a friend of mine and we sat at her house for an hour, drinking water and sobering up. It was a nice visit, too.

It was totally worth the money.

So, my recommendation is: If you have the money, and there is a "Taste Of your town's name", then definitely go. Awesome food, and ate enough to fill me up for 2 days. Except that I ate it in, you know, 2 hours. hehe.

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rockle said...

those things are AWESOME. love food festivals of every kind. which is why ALL pants make my butt look big -- because IT IS. but it is also WORTH IT.