Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red light Green light

This morning I sat a blinking red light for at least a minute. There weren't any other cars in the intersection, and I just kept waiting for the green light.

I finally noticed it wasn't a solid red. I should have known that right away. I stop at that intersection every day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epicurean Event

Has anyone ever been to a Taste of ______, Epicurean event?

Fiance and I went to one on Monday night. We had so much fun! There were about 20 wine tables, and just about a table of every other kind of liquor. The tequila was especially tasty.

They had Sushi (smoked salmon, and cooked shrimp, but still good), Italian, Mexican, Seafood, American, Vietnamese (mmm noodles), BBQ, Cajun, and fried everything. There was even an herbal store table with yummy herbal tea.

I found 2 new restaurants in town that I need to try now.

And then there were the dessert tables. Oh my gosh, the dessert. there were 3 tables that were just bakery items. If I had known the range of desserts I wouldn't have eaten any of the real food.

We were so stuffed, and half buzzed when we left, so I called a friend of mine and we sat at her house for an hour, drinking water and sobering up. It was a nice visit, too.

It was totally worth the money.

So, my recommendation is: If you have the money, and there is a "Taste Of your town's name", then definitely go. Awesome food, and ate enough to fill me up for 2 days. Except that I ate it in, you know, 2 hours. hehe.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Stuff

I bought my shoes this weekend!

I had a great idea! I decided that I should wear white cowboy boots with the dress!

But, I couldn't find any locally. So I went to an inexpensive shoe place and bought a pair of cute comfortable heels. They're nice, and they'll work fine for trying on the dress for length.

But then I went online to Ebay, and found white boots!

I bought a pair of white ropers for $85, which is more than I would like to spend but it's awesome that I'm going to wear white cowboy boots.

They'll be a total surprise for Fiance!

I also bought all of the ribbon I'll need. But now that I think of it, I don't have any wire to build the bows with. hm, I'll have to go buy some.

There are 4 weekends left. Just 4.



So I went home this weekend. It was ok. A little strange, all of mom's stuff is still there but mom isn't.

But that's not what this post is about.

Dad went shopping with me on saturday, I bought several different kinds of blue and silver ribbon, and I looked for card-stock that I like. I didn't find any card-stock, and Garden Ridge Pottery has slipped in the last few years. It used to be a really cool store, but while there were lots of flowers, there wasn't a lot beyond that.

We tried to get SIL and niece to come have dinner with us, but they had a birthday party and couldn't come. So we were going to go over to their house sat night to visit, but SIL shut us down, so we didn't. So Dad and I both expected to see them in church this morning, but they didn't come.

So dad had something to do and we couldn't have lunch, so I called and left a message for SIL that I was around and if they wanted to have lunch. I hung around home until 11:45am, but they didn't return the call.

Dad told me on saturday that I needed to be very careful about what I told Bro and SIL, that I shouldn't tell them anything about my private life, that they thought, well, that they thought like a married couple with a kid and I thought like a single female, and dad wouldn't expound beyond that. So, I don't really know what that means, except that they continue to prove exactly how little they think of me. That was followed by Dad saying he wished to God that I hadn't ever told them about the Bi-polar thing.

Thing is, though, that if I didn't have Fiance, this would have devastated me. Now it's an annoyance. Like, well, if that's how they feel, that's ok, because I have a man who loves me for who I am, Bi-Polar included. Thank you God, for this man. He's keeping me grounded and sane.

So, Fiance wants to ask my Bro to be a Groomsman, but I'm not sure if he'll agree at this point. I also need to ask Emma to be the flower girl, and I'd like to actually do that in person. In the worst case, I wonder if they'll show up. In the best case, I hope they come up for the rehearsal, Emma will need to experience walking down the aisle if she's willing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So, last Saturday I had my first wedding/mom related meltdown.

It had to do with the invitations and RSVP information, and the fact that the phone number for the church isn't printed on the invitation. That led to, "How will people know where to RSVP" and lots of tears. Which I still feel like is a valid argument because he doesn't have a home phone, mine is unlisted, and there's no way to find either of our cell phone numbers, unless you know someone who would have it. Some people on my list, if we don't provide a number, wouldn't have much of a way to get in touch with us.

So we're going to put inserts with the RSVP church phone number and the hotel information. I haven't decided what to do about the Gift Registry, though. I'm thinking of maybe just leaving the info with the church secretary, and she can let people know when they call. Because we don't really need anything, but we registered anyway, so that if people want to buy us something they can have an idea. But, really, we don't need anything. Really, come to the wedding and have fun! That's a great gift, I haven't seen some of my friends in years, and it will be fun to have you around!

My dress is being altered. I'm a little short-waisted, so I thought the shoulders would have to be altered, but my friend who is doing the sewing found that if she puts in 2 little darts in the back it took up the extra fabric! That means she won't have to tear apart both shoulders. Yay!

I have 2 friends who are doing my cakes, my friend Liz is doing the bride's cake, it will be a vanilla almond cake with raspberry filling. The decorations will be my silver and blue ribbon, and probably some Delphiniums of the correct color for decoration. My other friend is making a Sand Castle groom's cake. It will be chocolate, but Matt wants the lighter whipped frosting, not the heavy butter cream. We'll just have to see whether or not it's feasible, especially when you add sanding sugar over the top.

I sat last night with the Ladies of Matt's church, the ones in charge of coordinating all of the reception and stuff. We discussed tables and chairs, table arrangements, whether or not we'd have room for a small dance floor, table cloths, table skirts, serving setup, where we'd put the alcohol, the gift table, decorating the gymnasium, harder than you might think, there are some structures against the walls that cannot be moved. So we're buying new black plastic sheeting and we'll cover the structures and put up my ribbon and twinkle lights, white and blue, and it will be fine. We'll just have to tell the photographer to shoot at low angles.

I spoke with the flower shop in the local Krogers, and she can get me all of my flowers for $350. That's bouquets, boutonnieres, altar flowers and some flowers for the center pieces at the reception. I think that's a pretty good price, so I went with it.

The alcohol, on the other hand, will cost us a bundle! Beer, wine and champagne for the toast for 200 people is a LOT of alcohol.

Whew. And we're not even close to being done. Only 6 weeks to go!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I got a bug on Friday and totally started cleaning my house. That hasn't happened a lot lately, so I went with it, and instead of going to the gym I cleaned the house. I got to the kitchen and living/dining, but I still need to hit my bedroom and the bathroom.

Then Saturday I got another bug and mowed my yard. Voluntarily. Without having to bargain and wheedle with myself. I got most of it done, my Godson's birthday was on Saturday afternoon and I had to stop so that I could clean up in time.

Then on Sunday, Fiance and I did our Wedding registry.

First we went to JC Penny's. I wanted to register at Sephora, but I thought that might be in bad taste to register for makeup! Then we went to Target. Then we thought we would go to Lowe's.

Did you know that Lowe's doesn't do wedding registry's anymore? Home Depot does, but it's totally old school, they gave us some forms and told us to write down the SKU's. We did it, but we didnt' put much stuff on it, we'd already had a pretty long day so we only found a few things we liked.

We picked a large range of things. We didn't manage to get table linens or china/flatware. We couldn't find one we both agreed on, so we decided we'd just have to pick that stuff on our own.

We started at Penny's at 2pm, we left Home Depot at 7pm. We walked for 5 hours. My feet were so sore and tired. I even had good shoes on, but they still felt bruised. They're still a little sore today, but not as bad as last night.

I had a slight breakdown on saturday night, though. We were talking about moving in together, and I had a flash of a conversation that I didn't get to have with mom. About moving in with a husband and trying to make it work, and what do you do when he irritates the CRAP out of you, but you hate to tell him because you don't want to A) Sound like a raving bitch, and B) don't want to hurt his feelings? And what happens if you really don't live together well? Those thoughts came in a flash, and I started crying, and Fiance asked what was wrong and I couldn't even articulate why I was crying. It sucked.

So, on the balance, it was an OK weekend. Good stuff, but a pretty bad moment or two, too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've developed an eye twitch

It's been 10 days since mom died. My mood seems to be stabilizing somewhat, so that's good, but my left eye has begun to twitch. No one else can see it, but I can feel it and it makes me a little crazy. I keep putting my finger on my eyelid. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation. It looks odd, it feels odd, but the twitch is truly annoying.

Good news, though. I bought my wedding dress yesterday.

It has sleeves (!!), a rather low sweetheart neckline, and it was on sale. Less than $300!

It's white, and I wanted Ivory or Silver, but the rest of it was just right, so I bought it. I'll need to have it altered slightly, but that shouldn't be a problem.

I also joined online Weight Watchers. It was $65 for 2 months, which I thought was a pretty good price, but made Fiance gasp. It's only $65. I've spent more than that on dining out some months.

I went over on my points yesterday, but I'm just getting used to this, so I'm ok with it for now. I've decided that I'm not counting my coffee points. I add cream, which increases the points from 0 to 2 or 3, but darn it, I LIKE creamer in my coffee! So those will be some of my extra points.