Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So, I'm a wuss

Oh My Gosh! (have to clean up the language for the Pastor Boyfriend!)

I started cardio at the local gym yesterday,(because I need to be sexy for our honeymoon), and it made my ankle a little sore (I know, I'm a wuss) so I wrapped it overnight last night, and the wrap bruised my foot! The outside of my foot was swollen and purple this morning, and it HURT! I put an ice pack on it, and took a nap this morning on my couch. The swelling is gone, but it's still pretty tender.

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym, even if I have to do the recline bike. Or maybe the spin bike? Whatever, I AM going to the gym tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my mom's Birthday but she has Dr. appointments all day, so my mom, dad, Brother, SIL and niece are coming this direction tonight and will meet up with BF and I for dinner.

It should be fine, BF can take care of himself, but I'm a little nervous about it anyway.

If anything exciting happens I'll post it tomorrow. Hopefully my brother will behave himself.

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Jolly Johnstons said...

So I just saw the counter on your sidebar. It made me jump a bit, ha! I'm excited for y'all!