Sunday, August 22, 2010


Mom is in the Large Cancer Hospital.

She was admitted on Friday evening. She has pneumonia in both lungs, but it seems to be responding to the antibiotics. At least, draining her right lung doesn't hurt anymore, so I think that's good.

Yesterday when she would move around her stats would hold, her blood pressure, heart rate and blood ox would hold. This morning they're a little shakier, her blood oxygen is staying in the low 90's and drops to the high 80's when she moves around.

There is no telling how long she'll be in here.

I have some time available in the next day or two, so I should be able to stay here for a day or two, just to keep an eye on dad and talk to the doctors.

Dad is ok as long as no one talks about Worst Case, then he completely falls apart. Completely. I've never actually seen anyone wring their hands. I'm worried he might pull his fingers off.

BF came with me yesterday, we spent a little time. Today I came on my own. Dad needed to go home, so I'm relieving him today. I'll go home this afternoon/evening. I need to start some laundry, and it's beach night. I would like to go to the beach today. I get the feeling i'll need some down time in the next few days.

She's on IV ciprofloxicin. That's going to give her a yeast infection. Possibly the most uncomfortable non-serious thing to endure while in the hospital.

Getting old sucks. Getting this sick sucks worse. Total loss of dignity and privacy.


Anonymous said...

I wish the best for everyone. Stay strong.

rockle said...

will keep you all in my thoughts.

mamabird said...

There is dignity with having a loving family around your mom at this time. Thinking of you.

painted maypole said...

I'm sorry about your mom.

I popped over here because your name caught my eye over at Kyla's blog (The Journey). Being a lutheran myself, I though I'd check it out. And, it appears... we have more in common. I'm married to a pastor, and you soon will be.

So... hey there! :)

and again... so sorry about your mom. We have just made a move to help care for my in-laws, and my hubby and I were just talking about how much the getting older and sicker thing sucks. For them, and for us, the caretakers. To see your parents in that light really does suck