Thursday, August 12, 2010

A rather expensive cheeseburger

So, tuesday night I couldn't sleep. Not sure why, but by the time I looked at the clock to see what time it was, it was too late to take a sleeping pill. The end result was that I didn't go to sleep until after 4am.

I emailed in to work that I'd be late and slept until about 11am (I have a great job like that) and I felt much better. by the time I got out of the house it was close to noon so I stopped at McDonalds for lunch.

They have a value meal, 2 Cheeseburgers fries and drink. I didn't really need the 2 cheeseburgers, but I was really drawn to that value meal. It cost me $5.20.

I managed to get out of McDonalds without my drink. The cashier forgot to give me a cup and I forgot to ask for one.

Once outside there was a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk. He asked for change, I didn't have any, I kept walking, got to my car, and then realized that I had bought the 2 cheeseburger meal. It was like a shot through my brain, this was the reason (it seemed) that I bought the 2 cheeseburger meal. So I got back out of my car and took the guy my extra cheeseburger.

I got to work, where my co-workers were already eating lunch, so I joined them. I set my fries in the middle of the table so we could all share. I ate my cheeseburger and half the fries before my friend, who had only eaten a few fries, asked, 'Do you still want those?'. I said I guessed not, I didn't reallly need the calories, so she tossed them in the trash.

End: I paid $5.20 for an $0.89 cheeseburger.

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rockle said...

i have done that before. wait until you have kids.