Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best, and The Worst

Matthew proposed to me last night, it was so sweet and romantic and awesome, and the ring is beautiful! I've been keeping it from my friends, but I helped pick it out a couple of weeks back, but it's so much prettier than I could have imagined.

The doctors came in with the news today, based on the CT and x-rays from yesterday they are recommending hospice care to begin immediately.

They expect mom to live another 3-5 weeks.

We're going to do a bit of a trick for my mom. I'm going to go buy my dress next week and we'll have a wedding wherever mom is, home or hospice center or wherever, Matthew and Dad can wear nice suits and I'll wear the dress and Brent and Monika, if they will bother themselves to be involved, can dress up with Emma and we'll have a 'wedding'. That way mom will get to see us get married.

Then on November 6th we'll have the real wedding. It will be a terribly happy and a terribly sad occasion. Michelle, you need to find the most tear-proof mascara you can find, because I'm gonna be a wreck.

I don't have a prayer. This really calls for one, but I just don't have one.


Anonymous said...


Scientific Lutheran said...

mtae, you didn't read the whole post.

rockle said...

so, so bittersweet. it is so wonderful that you are thinking first of making your mom happy, before you worry about all the other stuff you need to do. you will be blessed, and you will be a beautiful bride -- twice. hugs from across the universe.

SUEB0B said...

Congrats on the proposal, and I am sorry about your mom. That is life, though - the good and the sad all mixed together in one big whirl. Sometimes it is head-spinning.

I hope you and Matthew have a long and happy life together!