Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gary Gnu: Where No Gnews is good Gnews


Not much happening in my life right now.

I was supposed to go home this past weekend, but saturday I had a headache. A really nasty headache, I was light sensitive and nauseous. I don't think it was a migraine, if so it was a pretty mild one. But still, driving 2 hours was just more than I could manage.

About 2 weeks back I was looking online for some herbal/at home remedies for an appetite stimulant for mom. I found a couple, and then some prescriptions that are labeled as appetite stimulants. I meant to mail them, but they got buried under the paperwork at my desk, so I was just going to take them home with me this weekend, but then, I didn't GO home this weekend, so I mailed them yesterday. I asked dad to check with Kris, their Cancer Hospital nurse and see what she thought about them. Hopefully something will pan out from this.

I'm also going to try to get mom in to see a psychiatrist. Maybe a competent one this time. One that is in network, and therefore covered with a copay, and not the deductible. One that is willing to try different anti-depressants with different doses and maybe get some relief for mom's depression.

On a happier note, the boyfriend (hereafter known as BF) and I are doing well. We're going to try to spend saturday together. Hopefully we won't want to strangle each other by the end of the day. He's taking me to the Symphony, The Planets Plus Star Wars, on saturday night. I'm not big on symphony, so this one includes a planetarium and light show to go with the music. I'm going to try to drag him to the Farmer's Market a little further up the road from us on saturday morning. Which, btw, if any of my IRL friends want to go, that would be excellent!

I need to make a baby gift for a girlfriend of mine, it's a little late, so I think I'll just try for a little hat and booties. It should only take a couple of hours, so that's do-able for a sunday afternoon shower.

I guess that's about it. Work is still moving along. House is still in good shape. Family is still family. Friends are still friends.

Dear God, thank you for a life that is still moving in the right direction. Amen.

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Nikki said...

How did Saturday go?