Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A not-so-relaxing-vacation

So, I wasn't at work last week, but it wasn't a relaxing vacation.

On saturday (6/12) I got up early to help with a Thrivent event happening at my church. I left in a hurry and drove to my SIL's house, threw my stuff in her car and she drove me to the airport.

I flew 1000 miles, about 5 hours in a plane (and 3 on stop-overs). I went to a family reunion on Sunday, I got in a car on with mom and dad Tuesday morning and proceeded to drive 1000 miles back. It was it's own form of difficult. They had the truck so most of the way I was in the back seat. It's a little cramped back there.

Wednesday we got home.

Thursday I drove to Austin from my parent's house, took about 2 hours to the north end of Austin. I was there for 3 1/2 days for an LWML Texas District Convention. It was good, we gave away $185,000 for Missions. Friday was a long day, it was the business meeting, Saturday was a long day, it was the enrichment sessions, and then I drove home Sunday. It was about 4 hours home.

I had to be at work on Monday.

I'm very tired. I wasn't at work, but it wasn't really a vacation.

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