Thursday, June 10, 2010

{eye twitch and shoulder spasms, and wordless mumbling}


I hate this compound!!!!!!! With the fiery hot passion of a thousand burning suns!!!!!!!!

I've been working on this chart for what seems like forever, probably about 4 hours total. I'm not seeing what's really there, I'm seeing what should be there. So Dr. C sent this chart to the obnoxious woman that gave us this compound, the woman who REALLY REALLY wants this compound to work who believes that we are the ones screwing up and that the compound really does work, and now we need to make 2 minor corrections [33%, not 32% (which changes nothing) and 14 of 29, not 10 of 29 (which changes the picture slightly, but only by a degree or two)] and he has to send it to her again. Now he's upset with me. Yesterday it was indirectly at me. Now it's directly at me.

I've been looking and tweaking so long I didn't catch those 2 because I'm seeing what should be there, not what actually is there.

Dear God, please make this compound GO THE FREAK AWAY!!!!!!!!! Amen.

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rockle said...

can't help with any chemistry, but i can send you a BFH if you want (the "B" is for "big" and the "H" is for "hammer").