Sunday, May 30, 2010

YAY! Forgot to post, it's been quite a few days.

Mom's test came back good, the cancer hasn't grown or metastasized. She just needed a new drug.

Then we went to a cognitive exam. It was tough, and good. Mom didn't know what year it was, or how long she'd been married, but she got most of the rest of it. I'm going to call the dr on about wednesday and find the results of the test. I'm hoping for something like Ritalin. For sure an anti-depressant, she hit on all of the symptoms he mentioned. I'm hoping that we'll start to get mom back.

My brother, as usual, took the WORST POSSIBLE view, that great, there was one less drug that worked and we were just that much closer to a time when the drugs stopped working.

Dad and I decided that we'd ignore him.

So, thank you for the thoughts and prayers! They must have worked.



morethananelectrician said...

Great news!

rockle said...

wowzers. i hear "one less drug that works" and think "one step closer to finding the right combo." and i am a pessimist hypochondriac. ignoring him seems like a good way to go.

this is great news. i'll keep fingers and toes crossed.