Friday, May 14, 2010

WOOHOO!!! Trivia Friday!!

This one is HARD!

(hehe forgot to link back to rockle. Sorry Rockle!)

Can anyone help me? I'm at a loss for #6

1.Three names for groups of four-legged farm animals
herd, flock, team of oxen?
2.Three names for groups of wild cats
pride, den, pack?
3.Three names for groups of insects
hive, nest, squadron?
4.Three names for groups of forest or woodland mammals
5.Three names for groups of primates
clan, family,
6.Three names for groups of animals you might see on a safari (not wild cats)
(I'll give it a try!) Crash??
7.Three names for groups of reptiles or amphibians
clutch, brood,
8.Three names for groups of sea animals (not waterfowl)
pod, school,
9.Three names for groups of waterfowl or seabirds
nest, gaggle,
10.Three names for groups of other birds
flight, coop

Standard trivia rules apply: to wit, no Google and no cheating. This went up late, so I'll post my answers on Tuesday 5/18 after 5pm. Good luck!


rockle said...

i'll give you a hint for #6: if you watch "the lion king" or maybe "madagascar," you might get an answer for one of these.

doing well otherwise! keep on thinking!

mamabird said...

I checked with my husband and a group of rhinos is called a crash.

rockle said...

hi! i posted my answers in my blog comments! thanks for playing, i hope to have another trivia post tomorrow. if i remember. which i might not. because i am brain damaged.