Monday, April 12, 2010

yard work

Update: so, the bruise has spread out and is about 6" long now. I'd take a picture of it, but then I had second thoughts about posting a picture of my butt on my blog. So you'll just have to imagine it. :D

It rained on saturday. most of the day. I was going to work in the yard, mow and flower beds and stuff like that. But it rained. So I decided that I would clean out my attic. It still had books and crap like that leftover from the previous owner.

I was almost done and I tripped. I didn't want to fall through the ceiling so I twisted sort of funny and landed on my butt on a beam.

I have a bruise on my butt that is about 3" in diameter. And dark purple. and there's a knot under it. It was fun sleeping saturday night, because every time I rolled over it hurt enough to break into my dreams. Church was fun, too, because my slacks were a little tight and every time I stood up or sat down it hurt.

Then on Sunday, where the weather was very nice, I push-mowed my yard, tried to pull the worst of the weeds out of my back yard and mowed that and then planted flowers in my flower bed.

*And on the flower bed thing, I have something tearing up my flower beds! I didn't think racoons went after flowers, so I'm thinking possum again? Or maybe an armadillo? I'm going to have to go get another stupid trap and see what I can catch this time.*

I thought all of the bending and stretching would help break up the bruise. It sort of worked. The bruise got bigger around and the knot went down a little, but it still hurty pretty bad.

So Monday I go to my pilates class, only to find out that it hurt when I would roll over it. There are several excercises that we needed to skip because it hurt when I did them. And not in a good stretching muscle and reaching further way, in an Ouch! That freaking Hurt! sort of way. And again, the knot went down, but the bruise is now at 3".

But, I still have my ceiling intact.

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rockle said...

did you plant seeds or bulbs in the beds? if bulbs, then it could be squirrels. they're vicious. try bonemeal, it keeps most things away. you can get it at the agway or garden center.