Monday, April 26, 2010

With friends like this

Ok, so maybe I'm a little selfish at work. But now that I know it, I'm taking steps to correct it. I'm trying to see where and when it's happening, and I'm trying to do better.

This morning my co-worker/'friend?' told me that she isn't paid enough to deal with me, and that if I want to know more about the upcoming experiments I need to talk to our boss.


(sigh/small laugh/Igiveup gesture)

Don't know what to do now. I guess keep trying. But the friendship? Just took a Major blow, and the vessel is listing precariously.


rockle said...

not being entirely familiar with all the particulars, i can say that from here, it sounds like there is something else going on with your friend. it's not just work, i don't think -- or, at least, it's not just YOU at work. i don't think.

Scientific Lutheran said...

I told her I needed a day, that it hurt my feelings and I just needed a day to get over it, and that it would be fine in a day or two.

Then she just joined a group on Facebook called 'I'm not mad at you, I'm just not dealing with you and your drama anymore'

My jaw fell to the desk. How old are we??