Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring planting

I planted 2 hydrangea bushes, purple, 2 black elephant ears, and I wasn't paying attention and bought a butterfly bush, but when I read the details after I received it I realized that it grows 6-8' (that feet, not inches) and needs 6' clearance (that's feet, not inches). It wasn't going to fit in the place I wanted it to, so I had to put it in a different spot. I also planted a rubber tree that was floundering in a pot. I cut a lot back so I hope it will transplant ok. If not, that's ok, too. I had a spot where nothing likes to grow so I put some aloe there. Aloe can grow anywhere so I'm hoping it will fill in that little spot. I'll wait 2 or 3 weeks and see what the plants do. If all goes well I'll start adding some annuals for color.

I couldn't find my turning fork so I had to break the ground with a hoe. My back and my hands are going to be so sore tomorrow. It's an ibuprofen AND acetaminophen night. But at least I don't have any blisters.

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rockle said...

oooh ... butterfly bushes. love them. they grow huge, as big as cleveland, and if they are in a nice sunny spot they will be LITERALLY covered with butterflies all summer long. i secretly believe that butterfly bushes are the angels' favorite plant.