Thursday, April 1, 2010

I paid a guy to come clean out my front flower beds. They were in terrible shape, weeds and misshapen old bushes that didn't bloom anymore and my poor dead hibiscus (died from our 3 days of 28F never gets that cold down here, and if it does it doesn't STAY that cold for 3 days) and just in general cleaned up the beds.

I came home and am very excited. It's like a blank piece of paper...or, well, computer screen. I've already bought some plants that are ready to go in the ground, I'm getting a plan worked up. When I moved into the house I put all of my potted plants in the back yard and they've sat there for 3 years. I have a place for 4 of them, my 4 favorite plants, to go in the beds. I'm going to plant it like it won't freeze again next year. I guess if it does I'll just buy some cheap sheets and cover them. I even have a spot for some aloe to take over.

So I'm going home for Easter, but I'm probably going to leave early Sunday and come home and plant.

I'm so excited. Maybe too excited. Is it a little dorky to be this excited about plants? Maybe it's taking pride in the house? That's it! I'm just excited to be making my house and yard look nice. Ok, I'll go with that.

So late summer early fall, the Back Yard! DUHDuhduh (that's a sound effect. Starts off high and loud and goes to lower and softer)



mamabird said...

I get so excited when it comes time to plant my garden. To have your hands in the dirt and nurture something that will grow, it is a great feeling, at least for me. Maybe you're anticipating that and that is why you are so excited! Enjoy!

SUEB0B said...

I got some tomatoes, basil, beans & dill planted the other day. I'm planting in pots, though.