Thursday, March 11, 2010

While I was gone on cruise my cat-sitter started to realize that I was getting a raccoon in my house, coming in through the cat door and eating the food, generally making itself at home.

I was NOT Happy! So I make sure to lock the cat door at night, rather than just close it.

The other evening, I was sitting watching tv when the cats all started to growl. I got up and saw a fluffy striped tail streak out of my kitchen, out of the cat door and into the night. I chased it away and promptly locked the cat door. A few minutes later I heard a scratching outside. I went and looked out and the raccoon was glaring at me accusingly, that I had deprived it of its meal!

I finally got a live trap. It costs me $5/day. For the last 2 nights I have caught opossums. I was just going to call the city and have them come get them. But that first morning, it's been pretty foggy and misty here the last couple of days. And it had been a misty early morning and I looked outside and saw the most pathetic site I'd seen in awhile. It was hunched down, damp, and didn't even have the enthusiasm to look up and hiss at me. I was just too soft-hearted to have them come kill it, so I put the stupid trap in my car and drove it out to a rural area and let it go. And let me tell you, that sucker RAN away from me. As fast as it's four stubby legs would carry it.

So this morning when I go out, I was a little less than thrilled that I had another opossum. Now I wonder exactly HOW many opossums I have in the area, and crap, were they getting into the house and eating the cat food, too??

The opossum from this morning was smaller ( and probably younger) than the one from yesterday. So, again, pathetic damp opossum + My soft heart=car ride and release. But this little butt-hole peed on the plastic that I had put under the cage. It was only on the plastic, it didn't get into the fabric of the car at all, but the plastic he (she?) peed on was one I carried for just such situations, and I hated to throw it away, so I just folded it carefully and left the whole thing in my car with the windows cracked.

very. bad. idea. v.e.r.y. b.a.d. i.d.e.a.

Cause, ya'll, possum pee stinks. Bad. exactly like you might think possum pee might smell like. yep. and the open windows did nothing to help that.

Once I was home I rinsed off the trap and put the plastic sheet on my fence and bleach-sprayed it and cleaned it, too. I parked the car in the garage with all the windows open, so hopefully the car won't have any residual smell. And in the morning, it's another opossum, I might have to call the city.

I wonder if I can convince myself that they release them into the wild?

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