Friday, March 12, 2010

SMurF: 0 Raccoon: 1

Last night I finally saw my raccoon. This is a big raccoon. My biggest cat is 18lbs, and the raccoon is noticeably larger than Lumpy.

I set the trap with cat food. I heard it drop around 9pm. Excited, I went to the back door to see what I had caught. I had caught nothing. The raccoon sprang the trap from the side without being inside. When I turned on the light (s)he glared up at me rather accusingly.

So I tossed an apple to the very back of the trap, and I went back a little while later, and (s)he was standing at the side of the cage, and glared at me rather accusingly again.

So I decided that I needed better bait, and I sacrificed one of my really good yogurt cups. No go.

So this morning there was nothing in the trap.

I'm going to try peanut butter on bread tonight.


rockle said...

i think you should take pictures. i want to see this raccoon's "bishplz" face.

rockle said...

new idea: if the peanut-butter-on-bread thing doesn't work -- much like it is NOT working to catch the wily mouse who lives in our kitchen even though we have three cats -- well, ok, technically it was three mice but we caught two of them already but we can't seem to snag the mastermind -- or mastermouse, if you will -- anyway, try nutella. everybody loves nutella.

(sorry i am insane, we were without power for a while and i was at my mom's and i am insane.)