Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ice Skating with Emma

I went ice skating with my niece on saturday. It was a lot of fun. She's pretty good for being 4 years old. She can go forward, backward, do a little spin, and if you hold onto one hand she can skate on 1 leg. She's starting Beginner 3 next week, and my SIL already has offers to take Emma on for private lessons. Apparently they see talent there that could be encouraged.

My brother is about half excited. What if she's REALLY good and someday makes it to the Olympics?? SIL and I both laughed. Maybe, but it would also be cool if she was just good, and enjoyed it. Then she could get a job at the rink as a referee, or help teach beginner classes.

It was weird,though. If it was just me and her on the ice she would skate on her own fine, but if mom was there, she would cling to her mom's arm like she'd never been on skates before.

We were on the ice on saturday, which has lots of lessons and lots of kids, young and old, playing on the ice. And I noticed that lots of the little girls had the cute little ice skating dresses. So I got it into my head that Emma needs a skating dress.

Do you know how much skating dresses are??? Brand new from the store, $50 to 100+. Worn once or twice on ebay? $30-60. WOW! $100 for a new, girls size 6 skating dress??? $40 for a used one? I was thinking $40 for new and $15-20 for used. I found a pattern for a skating dress. I'll see how hard it looks. I might be able to make one.


mamabird said...

I was wondering what websites you checked out for your niece's dress? I just found out from my sister that my niece needs a dress for her solo in a carnival and since my sister is being whisked away for her 30th birthday (she only found out today) she doesn't have time to get one. So I volunteered. I may also make it for her.

rockle said...

Would she care if it was not a dress, and more of an "outfit"? Because there are really cute tutu-style skirts at Target and such, that could be worn with a little ballet bodysuit and any old cute sweater and leg warmers. Would she like that? (I think making one is more awesome, just trying to give you options.)

Also: I was a swimmer FOREVER. Started swimming competitively when I was about 6-7, kept doing it until I was 17. I was never particularly great -- that gene seemed to skip the girls in my family, for some reason -- but I always loved it anyway, because it was something to. I taught swimming lessons to get extra $$ in HS and college. Hope your niece can find the same enjoyment.

mamabird said...

Thanks for the ideas, although it definitely has to be an actual skating dress. This one is particular to her solo because she has two other ones being made that are for her routines with the rest of her skating class. It all seems a little crazy but she really loves doing what she is doing and there is huge encouragement from her coaches and those who are able to watch her in person. My sister is hoping to video tape some for me so I can see, too!