Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry I've been out of the loop. I'm going through a little funk right now. I'll be better soon.


Monday, March 15, 2010

SMurF: 0 Raccoon: 2

Apparently, I'm not supposed to set my animal trap on friday or saturday nights, because the city won' t pick up animals on saturday or sunday.

Now, exactly HOW was I supposed to know that little tidbit of information??

Because saturday night I set the trap again. Guess what I caught??

The raccoon?? NO!! Another possum. We must have a tribe of them in the area.

I'm tired of taking care of possums, so I was going to have the city come pick it up, but it was Sunday, and they don't pickup animals on Sundays. Unless it's a skunk. Which I guess is good, because who wants a skunk hanging around in your yard in a trap for 24 hours?? But I digress.

I didn't want to transport another stinky pee-ing possum in my car.

So, I walked across my alley, into the vacant lot that's way overgrown with weeds, and I released the possum! I hope none of my neighbors saw, because it ran away from me and my house and into the neighbors yard.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awesome link

Read This

And spread the light.

Lord, give me eyes to see what others need, ears to hear their cries. Give me the strength to step in and help even when it seems like a fruitless gesture. Let me be a light, to spread good things, and to resist the urge to 'ping'. Amen.

Friday, March 12, 2010

SMurF: 0 Raccoon: 1

Last night I finally saw my raccoon. This is a big raccoon. My biggest cat is 18lbs, and the raccoon is noticeably larger than Lumpy.

I set the trap with cat food. I heard it drop around 9pm. Excited, I went to the back door to see what I had caught. I had caught nothing. The raccoon sprang the trap from the side without being inside. When I turned on the light (s)he glared up at me rather accusingly.

So I tossed an apple to the very back of the trap, and I went back a little while later, and (s)he was standing at the side of the cage, and glared at me rather accusingly again.

So I decided that I needed better bait, and I sacrificed one of my really good yogurt cups. No go.

So this morning there was nothing in the trap.

I'm going to try peanut butter on bread tonight.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

While I was gone on cruise my cat-sitter started to realize that I was getting a raccoon in my house, coming in through the cat door and eating the food, generally making itself at home.

I was NOT Happy! So I make sure to lock the cat door at night, rather than just close it.

The other evening, I was sitting watching tv when the cats all started to growl. I got up and saw a fluffy striped tail streak out of my kitchen, out of the cat door and into the night. I chased it away and promptly locked the cat door. A few minutes later I heard a scratching outside. I went and looked out and the raccoon was glaring at me accusingly, that I had deprived it of its meal!

I finally got a live trap. It costs me $5/day. For the last 2 nights I have caught opossums. I was just going to call the city and have them come get them. But that first morning, it's been pretty foggy and misty here the last couple of days. And it had been a misty early morning and I looked outside and saw the most pathetic site I'd seen in awhile. It was hunched down, damp, and didn't even have the enthusiasm to look up and hiss at me. I was just too soft-hearted to have them come kill it, so I put the stupid trap in my car and drove it out to a rural area and let it go. And let me tell you, that sucker RAN away from me. As fast as it's four stubby legs would carry it.

So this morning when I go out, I was a little less than thrilled that I had another opossum. Now I wonder exactly HOW many opossums I have in the area, and crap, were they getting into the house and eating the cat food, too??

The opossum from this morning was smaller ( and probably younger) than the one from yesterday. So, again, pathetic damp opossum + My soft heart=car ride and release. But this little butt-hole peed on the plastic that I had put under the cage. It was only on the plastic, it didn't get into the fabric of the car at all, but the plastic he (she?) peed on was one I carried for just such situations, and I hated to throw it away, so I just folded it carefully and left the whole thing in my car with the windows cracked.

very. bad. idea. v.e.r.y. b.a.d. i.d.e.a.

Cause, ya'll, possum pee stinks. Bad. exactly like you might think possum pee might smell like. yep. and the open windows did nothing to help that.

Once I was home I rinsed off the trap and put the plastic sheet on my fence and bleach-sprayed it and cleaned it, too. I parked the car in the garage with all the windows open, so hopefully the car won't have any residual smell. And in the morning, it's another opossum, I might have to call the city.

I wonder if I can convince myself that they release them into the wild?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok, I think I have my Flickr accoung anonymized (that's spelled right, I double checked it!).

So my Cruise Pictures are here.


Monday, March 8, 2010

question for the readers

I went ahead and sent the blanket. I put a note in explaining that it was imperfect, but made with love. I'm not sure she'll keep it, but even if she gives it away it will make a baby warm and happy, so I'm ok with that. Rather like releasing it into the world. It will land where it's supposed to.

I have a friend. Ok, well, we were friends in high school and college, but her husband doesn't really like me, so for the last 4 years or so we haven't been in touch. But we're Facebook friends.

She's expecting her second child any day now. I made a blanket for him.

I realize that I'm not sending the blanket for her, I'm sending it for me. I would like to think that if I had such good news to share that she might care enough about the friendship we had to make the gesture for me, so I'm making the gesture for her.

The thing is, it's not the best blanket in the world. I started it several years ago with a larger needle than I used to finish it, so one end is definitely a different pattern, and longer than the rest, so the whole thing is sort of square that is longer at the top than at the bottom.

On the other hand, it's a beautiful soft blue and the yarn is super soft.

So, the question is: Do I send her this slightly deformed looking blanket, or do I just let the whole thing go? Does the fact that it's rather mis-shapen send the wrong message? Like, that I cared enough to make the blanket but didnt' care enough to make it look better than it is?

Help me!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ice Skating with Emma

I went ice skating with my niece on saturday. It was a lot of fun. She's pretty good for being 4 years old. She can go forward, backward, do a little spin, and if you hold onto one hand she can skate on 1 leg. She's starting Beginner 3 next week, and my SIL already has offers to take Emma on for private lessons. Apparently they see talent there that could be encouraged.

My brother is about half excited. What if she's REALLY good and someday makes it to the Olympics?? SIL and I both laughed. Maybe, but it would also be cool if she was just good, and enjoyed it. Then she could get a job at the rink as a referee, or help teach beginner classes.

It was weird,though. If it was just me and her on the ice she would skate on her own fine, but if mom was there, she would cling to her mom's arm like she'd never been on skates before.

We were on the ice on saturday, which has lots of lessons and lots of kids, young and old, playing on the ice. And I noticed that lots of the little girls had the cute little ice skating dresses. So I got it into my head that Emma needs a skating dress.

Do you know how much skating dresses are??? Brand new from the store, $50 to 100+. Worn once or twice on ebay? $30-60. WOW! $100 for a new, girls size 6 skating dress??? $40 for a used one? I was thinking $40 for new and $15-20 for used. I found a pattern for a skating dress. I'll see how hard it looks. I might be able to make one.