Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You're Not Funny, God~

So, see down below where I thought I had a really good thought about giving my cat antibiotics from work? Yeah. That worked about as well as I was afraid it might.

I started the antibiotic on Friday night. Saturday night I gave her a shot of medicine and noticed a rather large abcess that was breaking open on her left shoulder. It was HUGE, a little larger than a silver dollar.

It was 6pm, the vet had closed at 4pm, and there wasn't a vet for 50 miles that was open on Sunday, so I took her to the emergency vet. That steroid shot on Monday? not so great for the infection. It cost $331 to knock her out, shave and lance the abcess, rinse it out with betadine, wake her up and put an E-collar on her. That, plus the $60 I had spent on Monday, and I'm in the hole $390.

Now, remember WHY I started her on the antibiotic? That whole cough/sneeze thing going on? The long-lasting antibiotic that the emergency vet had given her wasn't helping. In fact, by Monday she had gotten obviously worse. So last night I took her to the vet AGAIN, where I paid Another Office visit, and got a different oral antibiotic for the upper respiratory infection. Which cost me $50.

I have now spent $440 in 1 week for this cat. This is it. I'm out of vet money. I don't have any extra money for 2 or 3 months now.

I have all total probably $1200 into this cat. She's the most expensive pet I've ever had. I'm not sure I can justify putting her to sleep, even if she's really sick, because of how much money I've had to put into her.

Dear God, You're not funny. Amen.

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rockle said...

right before we got the boo, one of our cats got a cold that wouldn't go away and we ended up taking him to some kind of vet specialist who did a scrape of his nasal passages and looked for polyps and ... yeah, NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH HIM. he still steals our chicken, the little bastard. ... but a couple of weeks later we got the boo. so.