Friday, February 5, 2010

Workplace Ethics Violation

hehe. it's a good thing this is mostly anonymous, because I could get into just a tad bit of trouble for this.

Last weekend my cat Annie was sick. Not bad sick, just staying-inside-the-house-not-moving-but-still-eating-and-drinking-sick. And there isn't a vet clinic within 50 miles of me that's open on Sunday, except for the emergency vet clinic. This wasn't an emergency.

So I took her to the vet on monday afternoon. Not much of a fever, nothing to indicate sick, she just didn't act like herself. Her flea allergy was pretty bad, so they gave her a shot of steroid, thinking she was just a little sick from the flea allergy.

Wednesday she started sneezing and coughing. Upper Respiratory Infection. Simple! So I called the vet this morning to see if they would just prescribe some antibiotic. Because they had just seen me on Monday. This was only Friday.

Nope. They had to see her again, and that would be another exam fee, then plus the cost of the antibiotic.

This annoyed me. Actually, it came close to ticking me off. Not quite, but pretty close. I mean, seriously. It's been less than 4 days!!!

So I was talking to my friend at work, and she says, 'We have Gentamicin here at work'.

*light!* We do, don't we?!?!

So, I got online and looked up some stuff. Gentamicin is indicated for upper respiratory infections, and since they wouldn't do a swab and culture it to see what the actually bacterial infection is, I looked up the dosage for a 12lb cat, made my solution here, and I have 7 days of injectable antibiotic!

Man, sometimes I LOVE my job.

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