Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spoken like a man.

Men, I'm warning you, this is a girly post. I talk about my girly-bits. You're reading at your own risk.

My job is such that there is no such thing as a 'just a bug'.

When I hit a fever I have to let Environmental Health and Safety know and I have to go to Employee Health. They do a screening to make sure I haven't been exposed to the agent I work with. Unless you haven't been working with your agent for several weeks they invariably give you a series of antibiotics. I'm not a big fan of taking antibiotics unnecessarily. I try to reject them when I can.

However, in this instance I have been working with infected animals for 22 days straight (as of yesterday). I hit a fever or 101 on wed morning. So I was told I had to go to employee health. They of course prescribed me 7 days of antibiotics. Tetracycline. I don't think I've ever taken tetracycline. I don't like it. Eating restrictions, timing restrictions, it makes my stomach upset when I take it and I can't take anything to help it. I am drinking Ginger tea, but it only helps a little bit.

Now, first of all, we don't have an outpatient pharmacy any more. And since I didn't get this sickness at work so that it would be treated by workers' comp, yay, I get to pay for this antibiotic. Also, it's 500mg 4 times a day. Seriously, 2000mg per day? Two THOUSAND? Is that really necessary? I'm also prone to yeast infections, and 2000mg/day for 7 days will definitely give me a yeast infection. So I asked for a prescription for Diflucan, too. His suggestion? Just start with the cream and take it during the course of the antibiotic and then I don't have to worry about it.

Spoken like a man. I HATE the cream. I especially hate the 7 day cream. It's gross, icky, nasty and makes a mess. For 7 days. I was thrilled beyond belief when they made the 3 day, and then the overnight! AWESOME! So when they came out with the pill, I was beyond thrilled. I have a multi-refill Rx from my gynecologist. YAY!

I didn't want to use one of my refills frivolously. So I asked the doctor for a prescription for Diflucan. He sort of rolled his eyes and wrote me the prescription. He said, 'You can't take this until you get an active infection. With the cream it's preventative'. I didn't dignify that with a response. I just looked at him.


rockle said...

ok, weirdo question -- i never got a yeast infection, i don't think. is there a reason for that? luck? is it because i'm allergic to amoxicillin and have to take ceclor or cipro or whatever the hot new $500 antibiotic is? yogurt? i always wonder about these things. (i also wonder if i have a tapeworm, but ... i am unwell.)

Scientific Lutheran said...

You would know if you had a yeast infection. It itches and burns like nothing else. Have you ever had a fire ant bite? it feels like several of those in a terribly sensitive area.

I'm not sure why I get them, my mom was always prone to them and so is my niece. It must have something to do with the pH of the girly-bits that allows the natural yeast population to explode.

When I'm on the pill I'm more prone to them, too. Maybe the artificial hormones? And any prolonged dose of any strong antibiotic will set it off.

And yes, you are one of the lucky ones!

But, I never get Strep Throat, so it evens out.

morethananelectrician said...

Being married for fifteen years makes me a pro at this stuff...but it is still uncomfortable to read about...I just skimmed.