Saturday, February 20, 2010

Idle Hands

It's a curious thing. I started crocheting because it gave my hands something to do while I watched TV.

Then I got this really nice laptop. And instead of crocheting while I watched tv, I played on my computer.

It turns out that I can only play on Facebook for so long.

I can only read blogs for so long.

I can only play so many games.

I can only read the news for so long.

And once again I'm looking for something to do with my hands while I'm watching tv.

It makes me smile, that I'll end up reverting to the same thing that has kept idle hands busy for hundreds of years. Plus, I have some baby blankets to make.

On a Side Note:

I gave a blanket to a married couple in 2007. The wedding was in July but I didn't get them the blanket until probably september. It was HUGE and it took FOREVER. But I ran into the wife last weekend and the saturday night Mardi Gras Parade and she told me how much they liked it that it was super big and covered their bed and was so warm that they used it every night. I'm pleased and honored that they like it and use it and feel like it is something to be cherished. It makes me want to start crocheting again.


rockle said...

i don't crochet, but my grandmother does, and the best presents i've ever gotten OR given are afghans she made. one of my friends got an afghan as a shower gift and she loved it so much that she "commissioned" some for friends of hers - baby afghans, too. AFGHANS ARE AWESOME.

Manic Mother said...

I do the same, I crochet when the computer loses it appeal...but that isn't too often!