Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm still working on getting pictures on here. I took 174 (I know, I thought it would be more, too) and I would like to be able to link to them at Flickr as an anonymous viewer without giving the ability to link through to a public page.

Sometimes technology is too hard!

Ok, Katie. Help me here! Or Rockle, if you can help more that would be great, too.

edit: I'm not picky here. Anyone who can help me with this is more than welcome to help me!

I refuse to post until I can get these damn pics up!!!

That's a good excuse for not posting, right? I'm being determined, and not just lazy. yeah, yeah. that's it. Determined!

1 comment:

rockle said...

whoa. this is outside my area of expertise. i think. but i will see what i can do.