Thursday, February 11, 2010

And we haven't been camping since.

Ok, another one that made me laugh.

Here is the whole page but the last one made me laugh out loud, so I'm posting it here.


Outdoor Kids Foundation - First Ever Essay Contest Winners
3rd Grade

Shawna Branch - Honorable Mention Essay
"My Camping Trip"

One fine weekend in the middle of August my family decides to go on a camping trip. Our destination - Rothberry. It just happened to be a very cold weekend. We were not at all prepared. We didn't bring enough blanket's or food. But I had my fishing pole. My dad complained and wanted to go home, but my mom was determined to make it a good camping trip. We went to a grocery store and bought worm's so I could go fishing. Mom said real campers went fishing for food. Well it didn't go well. I didn't catch one fish. Instead I caught a turtle. He was the size of a dime. We put him in a bucket and took him home. Mom had given-up on our camping trip. You see dad forgot the cooler which was supposed to be in the truck first. So we had nothing for dinner. We packed up and went home. The cooler was on the porch. We got the hot-dogs out, roasted marshmallow's over the grill at home and we haven't been camping since. THE END.

That just cracks me up. I can see mom being all mad and then when they pull up the cooler is sitting on the porch. I'm getting tears in my eyes and I can't stop lauging.

hm. maybe my emotions are a little off today. Darn PMS.


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes...

We all have at least one story like that, don't we?

rockle said...

oh, hey, that sounds like one of my family camping trips! which is why i swore off ever camping again, unless "camping" = "staying at a hotel with less than 3 stars and no all-inclusive option." but we are going on a "family reunion" in july, which is basically me and like 50 of my relatives in a state park, sleeping in tents with raccoons that eat tastykakes, so i hope to have SOME STORIES.