Monday, January 11, 2010


So, my really neat new cool tankless hot water heater hasn't performed quite as well as I had been led to believe it should have been working.

It had especially failed in the past few freezing ass days. I emailed the construction company saturday. I emailed the company owner and my project manager. Got NOTHING back.

Today I started to investigate. I thought well hell, if those bastards won't come then maybe I can do something.

I got to looking at the instructions that came with the unit. Turns out it's supposed to have valve on both the inlet AND the outlet. That way you can control the flow and the temperature of the unit and and adjust the outlet temperature.

There isn't a valve on the outflow port. So there was no way to make adjustments. So my really neat cool tankless water heater is effectively useless. No WONDER I couldn't get enough hot water for a shower!!!

Now, there have been a few things that I've noticed that I don't like, but I thought I was maybe being overly sensitive about it all. But now, I'm pissed. I called the owner. If I don't get a response tomorrow I'm going to the business location and sit my happy ass and wait for him. Then I will escort his happy ass over here and start pointing shit out.

I hope. I hope I'm strong enough to see this through. I mean, the tankless heater has to be either fixed or replaced, but the rest? Sometimes I'm just not strong enough to fight hard enough to get it done. Over the years my dad did a number on me. He can completely undermine me with a look and a comment, and he doesn't even have to be there for it to happen.

I think sometimes God just likes to screw me, just to see how I handle it. I guess that's how you get strong, right?


rockle said...

YOU CAN DO IT! you paid good american dollars for this hot water heater, so you raise some hell until they fix it. it's the american way. threaten to call the manufacturer. pitch a right holy fit if you must.

(easier said than done, i know -- this is why i can make customer service people cry on the phone, but i hate returning stuff that doesn't fit. don't like dealing with people directly.)

mamabird said...

Unfortunately I can completely relate to your comment about your dad. Why is it so hard to turn off the voice or get rid of the look? Especially when they're not near.

I hope you have a great time on your cruise and many hot showers before you leave.

Anonymous said...

To get this fixed is going to take a mixture of good cop and bad cop. Thhink about how you can impact them and let them know you can do it. Money is the largest motivator and, if you have paid them for everything, that door is closed. You have to find out who supplied the unit to them and go in that direction...

Most water heater installations require a permit (city or county) for installtion...and an inspection to do so. If they didn't get it inspected... and were supposed to...they would not be happy.