Monday, December 28, 2009


I totally color my hair. And I don't lie about it. When someone tells me they like my hair, I say 'Thank you. Loreal 4M!'

I don't do it very often. I usually wait until the roots are 3 or 4 inches long. It's not a major color change for me, just a little redder than my own. So I let it grow out. Then when I dye, I dye my whole head.

Apparently, yesterday afternoon I didn't rinse well enough. After a couple of hours my head was burning in a few places. So I rinsed my hair again. Wow, I did NOT rinse it well enough the first time. I was still washing LOTS of color out of my hair.

So, I have 3 spots that have obvious chemical burns. You can't tell by looking at my head, but I can tell when I go to scratch an itchy spot. YOW! Burn!

So, PSA: Rinse hair THOROUGHLY when you dye your hair.


rockle said...

this is why i pay someone else to color my hair for me: can't sure yourself when you make yourself bald.

SUEB0B said...


Anonymous said...

Reminder to self...NEVER COLOR HAIR!