Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sunday I attempted to make toffee and fudge. I pretty much failed a both of them.

The toffee didn't cook long enough, it didn't set hard and was gritty. Still, butter sugar chocolate and pecans aren't a bad mix. Just not toffee.

I tried the toffee again last night and it worked perfectly. Crispy and creamy and buttery goodness. It helped that I went out and bought an actual real candy thermometer.

The fudge is just bad. Taste's fine, dark and sweet and pecan-y, but the texture is grainy and crumbly, it just falls apart when you try to cut it. Not the fudge I was trying to make. It took A LOT of ingredients, so I'm not sure I want to make more of that. I found a quick and easy cheat for fudge, so if I decided that I really want to give fudge away for Christmas, I'll try that recipe.

I made the dough for Snowball cookies, but these cookies will wrap around a chocolate kiss, THEN be rolled in powdered sugar. I hope they turn out OK, they seem like they would. I'll finish those tonight.

I think I want to try some Pecan Tassies, too. I can make the dough/crust tonight and leave it in the fridge until Friday when I could finish them.

The problem I can see here is that I'll run out of containers before I run out of cookie ideas. I also need to go buy some sort of bag or package or box to put the candy/sweets in to give away.

I have a list of people at work who are good to me throughout the year, this is a good way to say thank you without costing me a small fortune. Plus, they're homemade treats, who doesn't like that?

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rockle said...

homemade treats are AWESOME. everything sounds WONDERFUL but i can't eat most of it because of nuts. :-( boo hoo sad panda!