Sunday, November 1, 2009

It could have been sooooo much worse

I got home too late on saturday to have The Talk with mom and dad. So I went with my bro and sil and niece and we trick-or-treated! A friend of my brother's lives in a nice little subdivision that is mostly circular, so some of the adults (me included) herded 7 or 8 kids around the neighborhood. Emma was shy the first couple of houses, but by the end she was leading the charges up the drive ways. She had a blast! Then we stopped and saw grandpa and grandma and hugs and kisses and visited a few more houses in my home town. By the last house, Emma says, "Do we have to go trick-or-treat again?" We took that as a sign to go home. I had promised my niece that I'd sleep with her, so I slept with her last night. She rolled and kicked and moved and talked and groaned and cried once or twice, ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm freaking Tired!

So, the timing worked well, Bro and SIL came over and we all sat down, I started with a prayer (Remember we are a family and we love each other and help us to use soft words and have open hearts). There was cursory annoyance and irritation, but once that was past, I think Dad was relieved that something is being done. He agreed that he wasn't doing such a good job cleaning, and that he had planned on paying my SIL's mother to do it, but we agreed that a professional would be better, and she could come once a week for 2 or 3 months, and then we'll address the issue again. I made a leap of faith and had a lady from a nearby town come give us an estimate to clean the house. She said $175 for the whole house, that's oiling all of the woodwork, moving furniture and cleaning under it, the whole 9 yards.

We repeated the whole thing with mom's health, and that we think she needs a home-health care nurse once a week, maybe more. He agreed to tell the doctor that they need a prescription and we'll go from there. At least the idea is on the table, and that's more than a step, that's a freaking LEAP in the right direction.

Thank you God, for the right words. Thank you for all of your blessings, for the blessing of good parents, and good children. Thank you for my brother, in spite of all of his faults, he loves mom and dad and looks out for the best for them. Amen.


rockle said...

that's great. i am glad this worked out (or is at least on the way to working out). one less thing to have to worry about, one less trouble on your mind. xoxo.

SUEB0B said...

Onward! I'm proud of you for doing this.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

WOW! You are SUCH and inspiration!

Well done!