Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I thought I was being all slick...

Ok, so I have allergies. Not so bad as to disrupt my life, but a pain in the butt all the same.

I used to take claritin. worked great. Then they came out with Clarinex! That worked even BETTER! I never had stuffy runny nose or sinus headache, it just went away! Then, the terrible day came. Claritin went OTC. The idiot doctor I had thought that this also meant that Clarinex would go OTC, also. Apparently, it didn't.

I've been using Zyrtec for awhile. It works OK. I sometimes have to take a pseudofed or nasal rinse, but overall it works ok.

Zyrtec has stopped working so well, so I went with OTC Claritin. Wow, it worked pretty well! My overall stuffiness was markedly decreased. So I went to the pharmacist and asked them if the Clarinex was available, too. They said, No! Clarinex was NEVER OTC! WHAT???

So, being all slick, I called my PCP and asked her to fax in a prescription for Clarinex. She Agreed! YeAH! Effective Allergy relief for the first time in several years!

Then I got my bill from Medco, the mail order prescription place. $90 for a 3 month supply of clarinex. I can buy a 90 day supply of generic zyrtec for $35, and 3 monhts of the generic Flonase for $20.

Damn. That was short-lived joy. I get 3 months of Effective Allergy relief. Then, back to the 'It will have to do' plan.

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Anonymous said...

My wife has been having the same battle FOREVER. I seem to remember Claritin D being what she took, but too many people weren't following the they stopped making the "D" version. It has been a struggle for her since then.